Sound The Alarm

Blog Post / Monday, July 23rd, 2018


Let me announce my final notice of eviction, for your evacuation off my premises. So remove your lines, remove your kisses, remove your love, cause I won’t miss it.

I had enough, to say the least. And I hope you enjoyed yourself at my expense. But I am tired of paying the cost, of enduring, your lukewarm excuse for a romance.


You painted the perfect picture of the life you intended for us to live, but it was only a matter of time before your design crumbled, and I along with it.


I thought I was invincible to someone such as you. You walked your walk and talked your talk and drew me into what seemed to be perfection. But this direction, marked me powerless as you used me at your discretion.


My fall was imminent. Because you knew, I thought you were the partner that I needed. So you proceeded, to host me as your guest, and lay a trap for me, just like all the rest.

You laid a trap that professional trapper’s lay, who lay and wait so patiently, yet, willingly and so desperately, placing a bid on my resolve.

I wanted to walk this life with you forever, but never did I imagine that I would be unmatchable to your will. So, I kept our fire burning bright, in spite, of my own desires, and I delivered myself into your hands.


I claim some of the blame because I knew your love was superficial. I understood you wouldn’t compromise, or be committed because truthfully, you were never really in it.

I was the glue that held us two together. So there was no need for unwanted confrontation, as long as I continued to believe in a love that had its limitations.


I resuscitated what was dead. Exchanging breathe, I breathed you in. Yet again, getting high off of your supply of broken promises. You have that way about you, that you position yourself so nicely that it becomes hard to see, how I need to take a bigger dose of reality.


I was through before I knew it was time, but unfortunately, there’s no pause, reset or rewind.

Yet, I’ll be kind to not carry any hostility towards you, but just know that I’ve reached my limit, and yes, we’re through.


We were partners in unparalleled proportion,

Two people passing time,

Peacefully, but not so gracefully, leaving our relationship behind.


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