Uniting The Generations

Uniting the Generations is a gathering which was created for both believers and nonbelievers, to find a way to address the difficult topics presented by life. It is an opportunity to connect with people in a very real way, offering them a platform to lift up their voices to speak about issues that have been amongst their own individual conversations. It is a space where those who come, will be able to speak openly and freely about topics, while listening to one another, with respect and dignity.

There is power in unity, and this group’s mission is to continue to reach out past the four walls of our individual churches, and to expand and strengthen the Kingdom of God!

Separately we’re good, but together…




About the Founders:

Kevin and Tonya are a young Christian couple who reside in Long Island, NY. They have been married for 12yrs and have been awaiting the opportunity to use their gifts and talents to uplift and encourage the hearts of others.

With over 15yrs of serving in ministry, they have ventured beyond the four walls of the church, to link with those, whom desire to have a genuine connection with believers and non-believers alike.

With great passion and determination, they have chosen to fulfill a great need within our society, and pursue after a unity that has no bounds!

Our Mission is…

To Connect,

To Encourage,

To Build And To Strengthen One Another



How Did This Come About?

Uniting The Generations was first placed in their hearts back in 2009. At that time, there were a lot of questions about life that were not being addressed within the church, and there was a great desire to dive deep into topics that we as Christians would have liked to openly discuss. However, it was not God’s timing for us to launch this ministry. So we placed this assignment to the side as we focused on other work. But, when God┬ácalls you to do something it doesn’t matter how long the wait is. He will reintroduce, that which you thought was dead and bring it back to life! So in the Fall of 2018, Kevin and Tonya felt that same desire arise once again, and decided to trust God. Stepping out in faith to begin this ministry along with family and close friends.














Our Upcoming Events:

Proverbs 27:17 (NIV)

As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.