Round 2

Blog Post / Monday, July 23rd, 2018


So, you think that I’m going to sit back and take it? Believe in your lies and your tactics? Be tormented by the images that you try to feed my mind to leave me blind, to what you’re attempting to do. You’re like a poison, trying to strike quickly but not so gently. Knocking me off my guard, leaving me not to recognize, that these images are coming straight from you.

You want to break me, leaving me wanting, to run into a corner and hide. But my God, I have danced this dance before.

I’ve seen it. I’ve tasted it. I’ve felt the effects of your bitter presence. You are truly the enemy that keeps on giving. You are the accuser of the brethren, the roaring lion seeking to devour, but it won’t be me and mine, this time.

You see, I see you. I know you. I’ve been here before. And this time is just like last time, but I’m not hugging the floor. There are no tears strolling down my face, running for a hug of a warm embrace, because my comfort is in the one who has captivated my heart.

It is He, who gives me peace. He who provides me sweet relief. And although your aim is to dismantle me from the inside out, my mind remains, consistently, His.

You see, I might be broken, but not so broken. Down, but definitely not out, because my Father has promised to never leave me, nor forsake me. To lead me and direct me. And Yes, He even promised, He’d protect me. Because I am His and He is mine, which definitely means, that you can’t touch me.

So I’m not begging anymore. I’m not asking you to leave me alone. Because every time you test me, you get that much more exposed.

You lack restraint in your approach. You’re quite obvious, at best. I can sense you invading my heart and mind each time.

Slowly but not so slowly. Random, but not so much. You draw your arrows and your bow and place a target on me. One only you can see. So I bob and weave, holding up my shield to deflect what I know to be coming my way. I detect you and reflect upon all the chaos you’re trying to bring up. And I reject your actions, words that will give you satisfaction, and fight a fight worthy of His cause.

You see, I am a believer who keeps rising back up no matter how many times you try to stop me. And no, I’m not a playground or your stomping ground, to tear apart each and every promise God has for me.

They say, absence makes the heart grow fonder, but that’s not the case when it comes to you. I don’t miss you, want you. Need you in my life…. I can’t stand you, especially when you bring up so much strife.

I can see clearly, clearer than ever before. So I’m not susceptible to be crushed by you that was me before.
My mind is not a fortitude of solitude for you to corrupt and play around with. To boast your lies, make me cry and win me as your prize.

No that won’t be me. Because I am His and He is mine and this time, won’t be like last time, because He that is within me will inevitably shine.

I will be who He has called me to be. And I won’t flee for a quick relief.

I will be bold, strong and daring. Ultimately caring, for the call He has, just for me


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6 Replies to “Round 2”

  1. Its not easy or even natural to embrace the thorns in your life. Thoes….oh no not again …times repeat again and again like a familiar foe. Oh to look at it eye to eye and give it the hand and a boy bye….girl bye…demon BYE. If it were only that easy. But maybe it is. …cause He that us within us is greater the he that is in the world.
    Amen !

    1. Yes & Amen. When you repeatedly fight similar battles, the tactics used by the enemy becomes recognizable. You begin to anticipate his movements -which leads to becoming more strategic in spiritual warfare.

      His weapon becomes a tool for understanding and a passageway to freedom if used correctly.

      Yes, God within us gives us the power to overcome!

      Embracing the thorns in our life isn’t natural but as Christians, it’s a part of our decision to be followers of Christ….. it comes with the territory lol.

      Thank You Mom for your feedback, I appreciate it ❤️

  2. My goodness I’m on the flip side once that thorn pricks my side I’m completely vulnerable and transparent without shame BUT my weakness is worry I know God is and will always be head but my first attempt to the hurt is self I want to be the problem solver, I want to figure it out until I’m worn out and then comes the cry out to my father God,fasting, going deep into prayer building back up my spirit to place where I am not shakened and my faith is my strength. I can admit this has caused me to check myself to try to form habit of all things God whether there’s a storm or sunshine whether I’m weak or strong because I realize I have to be an example of Gods glory
    Thank you for this reading

    1. Alishe, Thank you so much for your feedback. It’s encouraging to know that the opposite happens to you- instead of the thorn bringing out weakness, it brings out a fighting spirit. That’s victory at its finest! Amen.

      (That is a gift to be able to interpret the thorn in your side in such a positive way- to which you’ll be able to help others see their own thorns with a healthier perspective.)

      We all have areas that we need to be strengthened in… most people can relate to the worry and trying to figure things out on their own, but God always finds a way to remind us that we need Him in every way.

      Yes. Lord help us to form better habits to display your glory here on earth.

    Thanks You Abba!
    Thank you for all that you are doing behind the scenes even with the thorn in our sides.
    What an awesome father you are. I sing praises unto. I lift you up and magnify your name
    Bless you Ton!

    1. Thanks Luv ❤️
      Yes, God is an AMAZING FATHER!
      Thank you for reading my new post and for your response. I appreciate you so much.

      (The thorn might be uncomfortable but it will never stop us! Let’s continue to GROW in leaps and bounds! There’s work to be done. )

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