A Wound So Deep

Blog Post / Monday, July 23rd, 2018


How do you walk around with a wound so deep?

Do you check it?

Do you even recognize that it’s there?

How did you get it, and how long have you had it?

When was the day, your injury occurred?


I can’t believe or even begin to perceive, how you are able to continue living day after day, night after night, silently keeping your external sign of pain and suffering flowing out of you.


There were no tears,

Nor expressions of agony on your face,

But let’s not mistake your wounds staring back at me.


I see the gaping hole,

I see the discoloration,

I smell the infection, drilling deeper into your soul.

This wound is taking its toll on you,

But you continue to be brave, and wear your wound as a badge,

Not as one who has won, but as someone, who has allowed it to envelop them,

Fighting to keep it hidden, rather than it be openly treated.


There was healing, but you refused,

Medicine that could’ve given you relief,

Results that you could’ve had, had you only believed.


There was time to prevent the side effects of a bad encounter,

One that left you on the side bent over,

Holding your hands to your chest, pressing to secure, what was already broken……Your heart.


That thing that beats in your chest,

Pumping blood and oxygen, keeping you alive to live to see another day,

But you delay, the very care that’s there to help you fix the holes in your chest,

So you stress, and tend to it the best way you know how,

With a drink and a smile.


How do you walk around with a wound so deep, one that you carry and makes you feel incomplete?


Do you check it?

Do you even recognize that it’s there?

Or do you let it fester and grow beyond compare?



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