Managing The Storm Within The Storm

Blog Post / Tuesday, August 4th, 2020

As a hurricane is quickly approaching the eastern region, I felt like this was an interesting time to write. I haven’t posted anything since December and I always told myself that I would never post anything without sensing something first. (I’ve never really been a random person per se. I am a bit straight to the point in my conversation be it in public or behind closed doors. So this will be a straightforward post today. No bells and whistles.)

Storms in life will come, oftentimes abruptly. One day everything is good. The sun’s out. The clouds are fluffy white, and there is a warm breeze that temporarily sweeps over and erases all of the concerns and problems of life.

Yet, there are also those days, where all hell breaks loose. The sky is darkened. The elements come parading in like a bat out of hell, and all you can do is seek cover. Some storms are worse than others, yet they each have their own effect. Which leads to the question below,

Who are you with during these times in your life?

Are they able to calm you?

Do they know what you’re going through and can they understand your concerns and fears?

Are they able to give you sound advice?

Can they make a hellacious situation become more bearable?

The storms in life will come whether you’re prepared for them or not. The harsh reality is that these storms will never wait for you to be ready.

Sometimes you can’t get your mind around the chaos, because of how quickly it appears. So often times it’s good to have a plan, if possible.  Pray, Worship, and get into the presence of the Lord, but if your flesh is heated, just be still for the moment until His relief comes.

Sometimes you might not see the beauty that is the storm because all you see is the destruction that piles up along its path.

Hold tight. Stay calm. Focus on things above and not below and don’t allow yourself to get uprooted by the discomfort.

Let your roots run deep. Deeper in Him rather than in your feelings and emotions, which are temporary. If you can speak to someone trustworthy and can bear the weight of your storm do so. If not, know that you serve a God that can bear all things. (You will never be too much for Him to handle.)


How do you find a better place to be while the storm is raging both within you and outside of you?


Seek refuge in the Lord no matter the extent of your disposition. He knows where you’re at mentally.

He knows healing takes time and is a process.

He’s aware of your despondency and your range of emotions.  Stillness is needed for Him to work in and through you.

Be still when the battle is raging within you.

Be still when all you want to do is move forward. 

Be still when you’re tired & weary.

Let the storm rage all around you but quiet your soul.

Let your spirit speak louder.

Don’t get quick-tempered, even though that can be the easiest choice.

Be mindful not to set little fires as you wait for the storm to be over.


As the disciples wherein the boat, and the storm was fierce, they were scared about the storm but even more scared of Jesus’s ability to speak to the storm and have it cease. Jesus could’ve calmed the storm earlier but instead, he slept. (In all truth, the emotional turmoil that his disciples were in didn’t cause him to move any faster. He calmed the storm when He saw fit.) How different would this story have been if the disciples chose to take the same position as Jesus? To rest as he rested? What would it be like for each of us to walk so closely with the Lord and trust him no matter the severity of our life storms?


What storm is raging in your life that you want the Lord to calm, but instead it appears that he’s still sleeping?

We want Him to get up and resolve the issue so we won’t be afraid or further panicked.

We want Him to ACT when he instead wants us to rest in Knowing, Believing, and Trusting in His ability.

Rest in Him Saints.

Let the storm do what it does. But you position yourself accordingly, in the arms of the father.

The storm might cause extreme discomfort (and rage), but be secure in knowing that when all is said and done, you will be left standing firm because of the spirit of God that dwells within you.

Be encouraged.

Ride out the Storm with full awareness of the power of our God. He does some amazing things in the midst of situations that seem chaotic. He will bring order. He will revive and renew. He is and will always be bigger than your problems, so find your strength in Him.

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3 Replies to “Managing The Storm Within The Storm”

  1. Thank you Ton. Always an on time word.
    ** Be mindful not to set little fires while waiting for the storm to pass.**

  2. *He does some amazing things in the midst of situations that seem chaotic. * I received a message that “opportunities for success sometimes arises during times of chaos…” To rest in the finished works of Jesus is a reminder that’s constantly needed… And understanding what “rest” is. Just more confirmation. I absolutely love your timely blogs! ♥️

  3. Awesome message Tonya! God is definitely it the midst of every storm, and as we ride out the storm, He is perfecting the work that He has begun in us, increasing our faith and teaching us to trust in Him wholeheartedly.

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