Faith and Obedience Over Fear

Blog Post / Thursday, March 22nd, 2018

One of the most important lessons that I’ve learned within my walk as a Christian is that you don’t have to force the things of God. When you’re in alignment with His plans for your life, things will flow naturally. Yes, there will be times when you will have to have an unwavering faith in God and trust Him above your fears but it’s in these moments where we get to see His brilliance magnified in our lives. We can’t account for everything but God never misses a step, so as He’s orchestrating the events in our lives, He’s making sure that we remain on track, inching closer to our destination. No matter how uncomfortable our journey may feel, as He’s growing and stretching us, we should always be prepared to answer His call. At His request, we should be able to respond in obedience and complete the task at hand, but all too often, we limit ourselves by thinking God can’t use us in the present state we’re in.

It can be exhausting fighting against an enemy, who is always ready to attack our minds. It can also be equally exhausting looking for reassurance and stability from those who surround us, to support our vision. However, in order to take us from where we are to where God has called us to be, we’ll have to increase our level of faith while also having a willing heart and an open mind. Not everyone will understand your call and it gets even more complicated when your conditions are rough and the obstacles you face are great but don’t let that be your reason for never starting your assignment. What’s been placed in front of you may seem intimidating but if He’s called you to it then He’s already equipped you with everything you need to get the job done.

There have been many times in my life when I’ve doubted God and wondered what He was doing and why was He doing it (as though, I had some sort of control over how He choose to move in my life.) However, as I reflected upon this, I realized in some way I did; I had control over when I wanted to listen to Him and when I wanted to ignore His voice. I had control over who I allowed speaking to me, I had control over what thoughts I allowed myself to entertain….those thoughts that tried to outweigh His voice.


I can recount so many negative phrases especially while taking my first steps towards blogging.


“No, that’s not a good idea”

“Really, who wants to read that?”

“You’re not good enough to give people advice”

“What makes you qualified?”

“Don’t you have anything better to do with your time?”


If left up to me, I would be sitting in the corner watching the time go by too scared to do anything of value.

All joking aside, there’s nothing to be gained by thinking this way. You’ll only disqualify yourself before you even begin.

If the negative self-talk wasn’t enough then there’s always the art of comparing. Lord knows, it truly takes a special set of skills to look at people and things and question every little thing about them and then measure yourself according to what they present. We make things worse when we begin to chip away at the things that make us who we are and leave ourselves broken and exhausted trying to be everything to everybody, chasing after false ideas and fantasy. Such actions are not conducive to the plans of God. Really all it does is place restrictions on the different ways God would like to creatively use us. Unfortunately, we’ve become the miniature devil sitting on our own shoulder! Never feeling alarmed because it’s our own voice we hear. Somehow, we’ve become accustomed to dismantling our own self-confidence without even knowing it. We don’t even leave the enemy with much to do other than occasionally introduce a seed and watch us as we water it all by ourselves.

So many different lines we feed ourselves all the while God is saying “Why question what I’ve already set out for you to do? I see you. I know you. I will speak to you. I will guide you. I will provide you with everything you need. I will support you. I will put you in a position where others could only dream about if you would just follow me….you are good enough for my plans for you and you have been specifically chosen to attend to such areas. Don’t doubt my hand in your life. See me move unequivocally in your life. Make room for me to move.”

I remember speaking to a close friend of mine and saying to her that this season that we’re in feels like a very special time where God is allowing His people to be creative. That He was taking the limits off of our minds and introducing us to a whole new way of thinking about ourselves, others and how we expect Him to move.

God is limitless, yet the only thing that could limit Him is an unwilling vessel. God can’t completely use someone who keeps saying “No, don’t use me”, He needs us to be open to receiving thoughts, ideas, messages and plans that will directly affect His people and the world we live, but if we continue to drown ourselves with fear, doubt and worldly distractions we will not be able to attain what God has in store for us.

As we move in His will, He will set things up the best way He sees fit. He will give you the time to prepare, the tools to build and the comfort to know that His hand is on you. You won’t have to doubt it because He will make His presence known. So even when opposition comes (because it most definitely will) you can stand firm knowing that God has called you to action and will sustain your drive. You won’t fizzle out because your awareness of His assignment will refresh you and give you life.


Right now, you might feel like you’re lacking in multiple areas. You may not have the skill set or meet certain requirements. You may not have the help you want and need, you might not have all the funds to go further in completing your God-given ideas but just because you have those obstacles doesn’t mean God can’t work a miracle in your life and give you favor.

Believe me, I understand. I’ve never been one to do things half done, I’d rather not do it at all then feel like I delivered something incomplete. Because incomplete to me is not well thought out, but even in this limited way of thinking, we can choose to overthink things when God only wants our obedience.

Obedience is the first step to take, then you gradually see how things fall into place, which requires faith and trust!

So if He’s called you to a specific assignment then He’s already qualified you and has seen you accomplish it before you even set out to do it. It doesn’t matter if it’s building a business, writing a book, preaching, teaching, raising a child, traveling to various countries, serving others through your talents and gifts, you will be able to do it confidently and full-heartedly when you know God is behind it.

As for me, if I know something is a God-given assignment then I will yield to Him even if I’m scared and don’t understand every step, but if I know something isn’t of God and He hasn’t called me to it then I won’t do it no matter what anyone says. I’m pretty stubborn when it comes to stuff like that because to be convinced to move out of position to pick up something that wasn’t meant for me to carry doesn’t make sense, especially when it’s been given to me by man instead of God. Man will put many things on your plate while God might want you on a specific diet. Understand the difference and know what specific plan He has you on and stick with it.


Discipline yourself and climb to higher heights as God reveals your individual assignments.

Trust in Him above all else and watch Him elevate you in due season.

Until then, stay persistent.


Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Be Blessed and Have a Great Day!!

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4 Replies to “Faith and Obedience Over Fear”

  1. Thank you yet again for following the voice of God. I am at this present time considering embarking on a new project. Going in a direction that I did not think I was equipped for. So the title of your blog jumped right out at me. As I read I had soooo many ooooh moments. Yes, at times we hinder our own progress – thank you for the encouragement and for allowing God to use you in this area. Awesome. Love you to life. Jo

    1. Amen Jo! I’m happy that you’re moving in a direction of new possibilities. Just trust Him as you continue forward. I can’t wait to hear about your journey. Love you too!!

  2. This has been a well balanced meal for me this morning. This was written a couple months ago but this is my appointed time to read it. I don’t want to leave a whole chapter lol but my God do I struggle with hearing from God especially lately I’m in a season where I feel like I’m at a four-way street and I don’t know which road to take there’s so much noise,distractions and fear ultimately I know to press&pray and seek his promise with faith believing in the impossible.
    Thank you my sis in Christ you are truly a gift

  3. Hello Alishe,

    I’m so grateful that you were able to backtrack and read this post. Not hearing the voice of the Lord in a unsure season can be very frustrating and tiresome. You need direction asap but all you hear is silence or very little feedback. Yet, as you so beautifully put it “I know to press & pray and seek his promise with faith believing in the impossible”….. Amen!

    God is a God of all possibility…….. He won’t fail you or forsake you, but will lead you in the right direction. Usually when I hit a crossroad in my life I have to slow myself down, get into prayer and cut off the outside voices. Some would say that’s harsh, but it’s the voices that can hinder you from hearing God for yourself. He will speak to you and give you clarity when your heart and mind is ready to receive what He has to say.

    Don’t get tempted to have others fill in that silence, pray, worship, get before Him with thanksgiving in your heart, knowing that He has already prepared the right path for you (you just have to be willing to take it.)

    Praying for no unnecessary detours……… for peace and patience.
    Love you

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