Blog Post / Monday, July 23rd, 2018


That moment, when you realize, you have nothing else to lose.

The very moment that nothing else matters, other than the very heartbeat of your being, the very rhythm of your soul, crying out to be heard.


Notice the pulse,

Acknowledge the flow,

Embrace the continuous flutter of truth that embellishes you,

So vibrant and no longer willing to be contained,

Desperately seeping through to be known anew,

A fresh aroma, to be taken in and to be explored once again.


To know you is a joy,

To live and breathe you in,

To expel you out and forsake all that doesn’t measure up to you.


No longer hiding what is and has always been,

But picking you up like a new pair of shoes,

To be tried on and worn out, until I find another pair,

To begin once again…….with you


Steady, I travel along this road, on a path that is still yet unknown,

But one thing is certain, is that you will always be by my side.


Truthteller, never leaving me to wander alone,

You shine brightly with your insight, of how to bear this so-called life


You can be strikingly abrupt,

Like a flash of lightning streaking across the sky,

But as you make your entrance, you leave an everlasting impression behind.


You see, you pierce through the darkness and you stay close to me,

Upfront and center,

Bringing light to all the truths that are meant to be


You don’t deceive,

You don’t abuse,

You don’t manipulate or lie,

But you bring an ever-increasing awareness of things forgotten and yet still buried alive


You remind me of the things left unspoken,

Patiently waiting to burst out of their graves of utter silence,

To be free to roam about, and dance the dance of dreams.

You reveal my heart,

The very part of me that would’ve been left in desolation


Yes, Honesty,

You are, my forever friend.


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