Having A Strong Support System

Blog Post / Sunday, November 19th, 2017

There is something to having someone in your life that is there to witness your various stages of growing up. We have Mothers, Fathers, Sisters and Brothers, longtime friends, in addition to relatives who have been there along our journey to see our many victories and setbacks. New relationships and then breakups. While also seeing moments of great loss and gain. They have been assigned to you by either silently watching or being verbally active in how you are to get through life.

Thank God for their presence in our lives because they are the ones who will undeniably say that “we lived….we existed”, that they were there at a particular time in history when you accomplished your goals. Discovered who you were. Expanded your family. Built your empire, and reached your dreams.

Every stage of life is vital and it’s important to have people around you that care about you. They will help you to succeed. Convince you to live your best life. Push you to aim and strive for greatness and prevent you from ever giving up. They will help build a fort around you, to protect you from the naysayers because they know your real worth.

•Always remember, you set the atmosphere of your life by who you entertain. You are valuable, so be careful who you let into your life because who you let into your village can either help maintain peace or cause great conflict. Build your life around Christ-centered individuals and you will see the reward.

•Begin to thank God for the simple things because those are the things that can often be overlooked and left unacknowledged.

•Be thankful for all those who have stood by your side even when you sometimes resented them and deeply understand that they have been your personal armor bearers, who have celebrated you, encouraged you and continue to make your life all the more meaningful. Show love in how you speak to them and act towards them, always being considerate of each person’s sacrifice.

You are surrounded by valuable people, who play various roles in your development. Once you are able to identify them, hold onto them because they will help you enter into your tomorrows and distance yourself from those who will only see where you’ve fallen short. Move forward knowing that each person that is a part of your life helps to make your dreams become a reality.


Be Encouraged and Have a wonderful day! Thank you for visiting my blog.


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8 Replies to “Having A Strong Support System”

  1. Thank you so much for this Tonya. Something I have been prayering about for while, keeping and having good, postive, and godly people around; to keep pushing me to greatness. There are some people that I must let them go, for they just bring drama into my life. Time for some changes.


    1. Hi Khadijah,
      It’s true that leaving some friendships behind can be quite painful but it is always necessary to our development. Not everyone can go were God is taking you. So you must guard your heart from those who will act as distractions. Unfortunately, there will be casualties but God will always give you who you need. Amen to reducing the drama and increasing strong and powerful friendships in your life!! God Bless

  2. This! I’m learning just how good a good support system is to have, it can truly push you to do better and want better for yourself. Love this Tonya!

    1. Hey Z,

      Thank you for your comment!!
      I’m definitely learning that lesson along with you. Truth is, we all need people in our lives who will be there for us. Each person brings something different to the table but we have to make the decision to accept what they’re offering us. Some people offer joy and laughter, others, wise council. Then there’s those, who provide a backbone to help us make difficult decisions. Each person is perfectly placed in their position to both encourage and comfort us in their own special way.

      I thank God for surrounding us with who we need. I’m just happy that you’re one of them!!
      Love You


  3. Yes, a good support system is very important…. There is positive support and negative support. You have to know the difference. Nice blog….❤️

    1. Hey Joann,
      You are absolutely right about that, there is definitely positive and negative support and when you’re surrounded by the negative it only serves as a distraction, forcing you to have encounters that are not often meant to better you individually.

      We do have to have realistic expectations of people and know where they’re at mentally, emotionally and spiritually…. once we do, we’ll know if what they’re offering is well intended or not.

      Discernment is needed.
      (Thanks for your feedback.)

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