Dear Friend

Blog Post / Monday, July 23rd, 2018


I don’t know quite how to begin, but I know I must. I have been introduced to the idea that I, someone who has never had the passion to write, am capable of addressing you. Not the you that others see, not you, you pretend to be. Not the façade that hides the true you from shining out, but the you that was called to be before you were even born.

I am no one special, no one who has a title or position. But, I am someone who others can call, a friend. I by no means know you personally but, I do know stories and events, problems and concerns, temptations and hardships that everyone who lives life has to bear. I know the deep thoughts that can be carried along with you throughout your day, and I know the endless possibilities of ideas that can keep you up at night. No, I’m not a know it all, and I do not pretend to know it all, but I do embrace the gift that God has given me to see beyond what’s exterior. So since we’re friends, let’s get down to the heart of the matter. How are you? No really, how are you? Not your family, not your daily assignments, activities or chores, but you? How are you holding up?

I could assume that you’re happy because when you smile, your face tells me to believe that you are. I could assume that you’re eventful because your social media accounts show me that you are. I could believe that you’re ok because you attend church and praise God, so nothing should be bothering you right? But am I right or am I still assuming?

It can be quite tricky because you walk tall, you speak boldly, and you appear to be indifferent, but as I look into your eyes there is something that is often left unspoken. Believe it or not, you speak loudly without uttering a word, and I see you, my friend, struggling to keep things afloat. You embrace silence as one who takes comfort in protecting their hidden secret, but as your friend, I will say those little secrets are seeping out.

I want for you to be free to believe in yourself and to travel upon this road called life with no hesitations. I want for you to be determined to not settle and live below your capabilities. I pray for you to see your future destination and to strive towards accomplishing it. But all the wants I have for you are buried underneath all of the feelings you attempt to ignore.

I wish I could see all of the things that you try to carry, so as a friend, I could help carry them with you. I wish I knew all your thoughts, so as a friend, I could relieve you of your fears. I wish that you wouldn’t hide away and keep to yourself, pretending to be shy, while we both know you’re not. I wish the wish of dreamers, unafraid to dream their biggest dream. Yet, not for myself, but for you, my friend.

Sitting alone in the dark is nowhere for you to be, especially when you have such a good friend in me. So speak it, shout it, whisper it if you must, but don’t hold it in because you are way too valuable to me, as my friend.

Live to start again, live to breathe again and see yourself in a better light, and once you do I hope to see you really enjoying life. I hope that you’ll have peace and I hope that you will be well. I hope that you’ll find out the best parts about you and discover the deep treasure that dwells within.

Friend, I hope the hope of mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers, relatives, both near and far, that you will live to see the you, you really truly are.

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