Choose to Faith It Forward

It’s funny how we can often run quickly into a direction because it seems right to us. The opportunity is there, so why not.? However, when God speaks and redirects your steps according to His will & purpose things tend to get a bit difficult. Your faith gets tested, your patience gets stretched and you’re left with the hard decision of whether or not to go it God’s way or abandon His path because you’d want comfort and security.

Decisions get hard and the unknown can be scary but faith, obedience, and trust are the very things needed to go forward.


Stand Tall In Your Position

Wherever you may find yourself at this point in life be amazed that you are still here. You’re living, breathing and inching your way past all the experiences that you’ve had to face and pressing into your tomorrows. Don’t ignore the lessons being taught in your present because each one is developing you, building your character and preparing you for all of the things that the Lord has in store for you.

Allow yourself to discover who you were always created to be. Be bold, be daring, be free…..



Something’s Are Worth Waiting For

Waiting isn’t fun. It can cause pain, grief and be the very thing the enemy will try to use to keep you from believing in God’s promises. Waiting can place you in a position of operating in faith while also facing delayed gratification. It forces us to have to be patient, endure and persevere while still looking at closed doors, accumulating No’s and hearing it’s not time.

But when the Lord finally opens the doors and allows you to step through to the other side of your wait there will be a relief, a feeling of completeness, a better understanding of why you had to wait in the first place. All the prayers you’ve prayed….. all the times you’ve cried God wasn’t ignoring your voice, He sees & He hears and He is with you during this season in your life. Just know within yourself that He is setting you up for something bigger and better. He knows what’s best for you so choose to wait well & watch Him work!!

Be Encouraged…😌❤


A Fearful Future

Fear will make you look at your circumstance and ask you to believe that things are worse than they really are. It will keep you in a place of panic, concern, and disbelief of anything that would talk you into believing that things can get any better.

But when God sees your circumstance and asks you to look past the inconvenience, to see beyond the discomfort He’s asking us to believe in His ability to create a situation that will allow us to arrive at a place of peace, joy & a better understanding of who He is. He is a provider, a healer a refuge & so much more.

God is not overwhelmed by our situations. He’s not taken back by the load & burdens that we try to carry on our own. He cares and He’s not threatened by our circumstances.

You have to rely on God past your own strength.


His Desire, Personified

Don’t be surprised when God changes your desire and connects it to His own desires.

My background has always been in dance. I went to school for it, I studied it, I taught it and I helped others develop a better understanding of it. It was my joy, my way of communicating, my worship, my intimate connection with God. Yet, many years ago, the Lord had me put that gift on the shelf to develop others areas of my life. Gifts that I never knew I had.

It was a hard transition because dance was my voice when I was too shy to speak. It was how my heart was revealed when no one understood me. Yet that was the very thing God needed me to lay down. Read More


Culture Shock

I thank God that I have had the pleasure to know and interact with many people who are of different ethnicities then mine. People who are wonderful individuals who have imparted such wisdom into my life. No matter the age or length of relationship/closeness, they have a piece of my heart that will transcend any present or future experiences I will ever have to face. Their love has been true and their friendship strong.

It’s hard for me to understand all of what’s happening in the world today because my experience has been different. Yes, I’ve experienced acts of racism. It wasn’t justified by any means. It’s made me frustrated, caused me to question the intentions of those around me, yet through it all, I choose to continue to stay close to the truth of God’s word.

I know in this world it will try to convince you that there are so many things that could divide us and make us feel as though we can’t relate to one another. However, that is not true in the kingdom of God.

In the body of Christ, we share a heritage, that connects and links us together. Any thought, any discussion and any person that tries to come up and stand against that knowledge do not have a Christlike mentality. We may have different skin colors, different ethnic backgrounds but all of those things that make us different and unique are all qualities that the Lord gave each of us to have while we are here on this earth. It was not given to divide us or to compare and contrast what we think in our earthly mentality is better, but for us to learn from one another, learn about each other’s cultures and to partake in fellowship through unity, peace, and love. Read More


Correcting vs Condemning

*God can make you strong without reverting back to your past as fuel

Totally random thought but this was on my heart this morning….. Who we are in the present has been a result of all the things we’ve experienced in our past. Yes, we may have made some obviously bad decisions but the Lord is not looking at that as closely as He is looking at who He wants you to be.

Correcting would be an observation of heading in a wrong direction and now understanding the need to fix/repair what’s necessary… has a lighter feeling when done because it’s not about destroying yourself or others but bringing a complete outlook to a half thought out action.

Condemning would be to put yourself through the ringer and stir up feelings that would only cause pain, regret, shame, disappointment. It’s heavy. It’s meant to criticize, breakdown, harm, intentionally punish yourself or someone else for how they think, act, speak etc. Read More