So….What Is This About?


Writing was never a desire of mine, my background is in dance education, so to say the least, blogging was never something on my radar. But, when the Lord moves you to do something, He slowly yet surely moves you in a direction that requires you to have enough faith to believe and trust in His path. It requires obedience. So what you see, is the result of just that, Obedience!

For those who know me, know that I’m a rather quiet person, who notices much but often keeps to myself. I can often be shy and laid back but very busy with my thoughts. I’m always thinking about something (which is probably why the Lord has instructed me to do this )……I’m bold when I need to be and reserved when it’s required but, in this space, I can be free to indulge in the topics that have been weighing on my heart.

God is unconventional and He allows different things to occur in our lives to teach us about who He is. These life lessons that are obtained by reading the word of God, hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit and living out our lives, are invaluable. In all His teachings, we are guided in a direction that will help free our minds from the thoughts and ideas the enemy would want to enslave us to. How we think is important to God. How we act and represent Him are just as important because we are His witnesses in the earth. Living, moving, breathing the word of God through our lives. So, every opportunity we get to speak to others is an opportunity for them to see our God.

Truth is, I have no title. I am just a person who has a relationship with Jesus Christ, who is imperfect yet, always aiming to become who God has called me to be. Sometimes my blogs will be personal, often offering correction but, as you get to know me, it will all be done out of love. I will encourage, uplift and make you think deeper about issues. It might stir up many things within you but please know, all topics will circle around knowing who God is for yourself. So as a Christian, who has dedicated my life unto the Lord, you will obviously see ideas and discussions focused on how He says to do things……. so, if that trips you up in any way, you might as well stop here lol…

If not, then welcome to my blog!

I may not know you or ever have the opportunity to meet you but, I do want you to know that you matter to God. There is room for you and that there are more people out here who know where you’re coming from. You may feel alone but know that you have access to the Lord, who is waiting to embrace all of who you are. You just have to communicate with Him.

You may not agree with everything I say and that’s fine. Take what you can and leave what you don’t need. I’m not perfect by any means but, I promise to be as open and honest as I can, with respect to my own personal journey and all those involved.

I hope that our time together will allow you to get to know the Lord better for yourself and that I can provide some useful tools to better understand Him and His intentions.


We are to be lights unto the world and it’s time to shine!!