Digging Deeper Roots

Sometimes, the Lord will use time to level down the stony places in our hearts. Where at one time, it would’ve been hard to plant a seed into the ground of your heart that was impenetrable. Yet, time is a gift, because it can be used as a tool to wear down some of the areas that could not be reached, touched or changed. Read More


Lord, Strengthen Us

Lord, I thank you for not allowing us to be crushed. Yes things have been difficult, yes things at times feel unfair, yes at times we lose hope and begin to doubt your promises but Lord you have always been there in our ups and our downs. You have been the voice when no other voice could speak to the very essence of what we were going through. Father, you have been a faithful Daddy, who has watched over us and guided us past the unthinkable, the unbearable and led us beside still waters.

We thank you and we praise you because you will never leave us or forsake us. You have instilled in us your concepts and precepts and have allowed us to form an unbreakable bond with you. Read More


Press On

Lord help us to live in our healing…..

That once we’ve been freed, that we can look upon a new and brighter tomorrow understanding that we don’t have to look back to what we were but look ahead at all the possibilities of who God has called us to be.

That even when the enemy tries to remind us of our past failures, choices and decisions that we know deep within our hearts that we are truly free from the things the enemy tries to make us carry and take up once again. Read More